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The Partnership Learning Community is the online community hub of the Center for Partnership Studies' Leadership and Learning Programs.

Participants in our online seminars will find resources and materials here related to their classes. Community members can network with one another and share news and updates on their activities related to the partnership and caring economy movements.

The Center for Partnership Studies is a not for profit organization founded by Riane Eisler. It's major initiatives include the Caring Economy Campaign, Social Wealth Economic Indicators, and the Spiritual Alliance to Stop Intimate Violence.


  • Hi there PLC!

    I just wanted to announce the formation of the Partnership Living Portland group on Meetup.com. I have decided to put my organizing capacities into focusing on building partnership-oriented community. My goal is to help catalyze organizing for a partnership future by facilitating events and groups that are educational, empowering, and connecting. I would love to find…

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  • New Caring Economy Advocate: Dawn Fleming

    My Caring Economy project was to incorporate some of the concepts from the Course into a book I am working on.  It is in outline stage currently.  The course has re-ignighted my enthusiasm for writing this book.  The theme is to connect the dots to show how materialism has eclipsed higher principles and values.  Here is a summary of some of the content.

    In a democracy, power is to be vested in the divine right of the ruled.  Unfortunately, special Interests and money have usurped that…

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  • Dominator Problems and Partnership Solutions

     dear Learning Community & Cohorts - 

    We were invited to share our Caring Economy Advocate projects here on the blog. I presented a lecture series for a philosophy class at a community college this fall :

    I.  Patriarchy, Bonobos & the Sociology of Partnership Societies - 

    What is the true opposite of patriarchy and how do we get there? An introduction to the partnership lens, and an in-depth look at Bonobos as a living example of…

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  • For my initial project, I wondered if there might be a way to get National Public Radio’s Marketplace to pay attention to the partnership/caring economy.  Before contacting them, I decided to listen carefully to get a sample of what they actually cover.  So I listened and listed the topics during one week—Monday through Friday, 30 minutes per day.

    I then reviewed those 51 topics and noted which of Riane’s aspects of the economy they reported on.

              The Market—29…

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Upcoming Courses

At the Center for Partnership Studies we are excited to announce our Summer-Fall 2017 online classes.

Whether you are a parent, business consultant, an educator, a leader in healthcare, or a citizen committed to growing Partnership principles and caring economy advocacy in your community, our seminars provide the professional focus, real-world case studies and tools to leverage your leadership in action.

See our full schedule of program offerings here.

Cohort now forming starting July 29, 2017
4-session workshop
Practicing Skillful Responses to Dominating Behavior with Zuzana Zilkova

August 3-4, 2017
Workshops: Community & Economic Democracy Conference
Minneapolis, MN
Social Justice = A Caring Economy
Caring Economy and Basic Income
Information and Registration

August 17, 2017
Webinar: Introduction to the Power of Partnership

August 23, 2017
Webinar: Introduction to Practicing Partnership with the Earth with Ann Amberg

Cohort now forming starting August 31, 2017
7-session workshop with Riane Eisler and Sara Saltee
The Power of Partnership: Seven Relationships That Will Change Your Life

Cohort now forming starting September 13, 2017
5-session workshop with Ann Amberg
Practicing Partnership with the Earth

Register anytime, work at your own pace
Changing Our Story, Changing Our Lives: Self-Study

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  • Thank you to our fabulous CPS program Alumni for your inspired leadership and activism around the world. What an exciting 13th Alumni Gathering we had on July 14, 2017. Presenters included Zuzana Zilkova, Sabrina Chakori (thanks for tuning in the early morning hours from Brisbane, AU)!, Liz Copeland, and Lisa Berkely.
  • Thank you to our wonderful Alumni Deeanna Burleson, Nancy Frank, Karen Tate and Jason Campell for your help in progam outreach. We couldn't do it without you!!
  • I am incredibly awed and excited to be participating in this learning forum. I can't wait to learn from all of you! Today I begin!
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