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An Introspective Look...

I am better for “The Power of Partnership” course. I was/am fascinated by the mind specifically the part of the mind that simply accept things as they are introduced…without question; things like hate, fear, prejudice and the like. I have been a victim to this and opened myself to the process of understanding and this course revealed the answer to me. I wondered what it was called when behaviors masked as racism emerged within the SAME groups. I now understand that behavior to be DOMINANCE. Minorities cannot be racist because they lack the power to effect anyone socially/economically however, they can participate in dominance. Dominance of self, others, including intimate others, workplace others, community others, and global others and position self to be dominated as a result of self-dominance…a dominating God is included in this. Fascinating! Knowing we are ALL on this domination spectrum is a powerful awareness. I will be more mindful of the ease of practicing dominance and do something different.  I have no expectation of perfection therefore, I am always in search of how to be better. I now know that partnering outside of myself is a reflection of my commitment to partnering with myself. I was/am I asked the questions "how am I contributing negatively to the world I see around me? and what stories (from man/society) have I accepted as MY reality and myself without question? Self-awareness and mindfulness are worth exploring if we are to make the world around us better than it is. Starting with self and working my way out from there has been life altering.

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  • Johanna:  Your post powerfully reminds us--dominance is dominance, and we are all part of the domination/partnership continuum.  Thank you!  I am glad to hear that our Power of Partnership course supported you in expanding your own awareness, and I know that you will continue to work toward social justice and be an important voice in expanding others' awareness, too.  I appreciate your voice and thoughtful contributions to our class discussions, and wish you all the best in completion of your graduate studies and your journey on the Partnership path...Best, Susan

    • Thank you Susan.  I appreciated your insights and sharing.  I was with you.  From where many of us begin this journey...there is nowhere else to go but up.  The challenge is in recognizing our own flaw and transcending ourselves because it is a more harmonious space to be in.

  • I am so glad that know this information is integrated into your psyche!  Having it really makes a difference in one's life.  I read the Partnership Way when it first came on the market way back in the 80's.  It's formed the core of my life, relationships, and business partnerships.  

    I would say that I'm not sure that minorities cannot be racist.  I would say that in certain situations I have experienced "all white people" statements that lump me in the same pool as Donald Trump,  the Koch Brothers, and all of the war mongers of our governments administration past and present.  As a life-long advocate and activist for peace - this generalization - like all generalizations - seems short-sighted.

    Also - all women should take at least one cause in negotiating.  This skill is very valuable when working for better wages, intimacy or just about anything!

    • Thank you for your feedback!

      Racism=prejudice+power.  Minorities can be prejudice but only when they can affect communities, opportunities, acquire wealth to affect large numbers of whites and change their outcomes then yes, minority group in this country could be racist.  This will likely not happen in my great grandchildren's lifetime. Even still, this idea is still a microcosmic view.  Dominance is at the core [macrocosm] of it all.

      In your personal situation, while cruel, who cares what a minority calls you or thinks of you when they cannot change your situation; they can't take your job or slander you in arenas that matter to you, not to mention shooting you in the street or hanging you. Your feelings might have been hurt but this loss is minor by comparison in reality.  This is what I mean.  These are the areas that can change for a minority interacting with a racist, who could be their boss compared to a negative interaction with a minority (person of little power and influence) that cannot change much.

      Dominance is dominance.  If I have not learned anything, I take away this gift of understanding.  I think I wonder why it shows up within the "white" culture against every non-white population.  Is it a personality flaw or genetic? Why are some whites open and relaxed with different people and others so afraid of the difference...maybe even innocently?

      In homogeneous environments like Iceland or Norway or Sweden where the majority of citizens look alike, they seem to feel better about taking care of one another and protecting each other's interest.  What should America (the reluctant) melting pot do?  The point is that we are all different but we do NOT all care for each other.  For example, folks who send their kids to great schools do not protest the terrible schools that inner city kids go to.  Lead pipes in poor communities would never happen in affluent communities.  The power, opportunity and wealth is oddly distributed.  When will "good, christian, non-racist Americans" protest everyday until something changes?  If any of this were happening in affluent communities where voices matter, our society might be less at odds and more harmonious.

      Just a thought from the other side...

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