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Talking about Caring economy

This morning I had a beautiful experience.  A few days ago, I was part of a meeting called Jornadas for peace, compassion, and justice that was held in one of our main universities here in Monterrey, Mexico. This meeting is part of the Compassion Campaign that we started last year in order to certify our cities as compassionate cities.

After that meeting where several religious leaders (a Muslim leader, a Rabbi, a Catholic priest and a Christian pastor) were invited to talk about compassion, I was invited to a meal. There, I had a really interesting talk with a good friend of mine that has a radio show called “Activate líder” which means: Now is the time to be an active leader. 

 We talked about this meeting and she was so interested that she invited me to have a half an hour interview to talk about Caring Economy on her show. We also talked about Riane Eisler and the Center for Partnership studies. We invited her and her radio audience to come and meet Raine Eisler next October in our annual event: Worldwide Meeting of Human Values, where Riane Eisler will be giving a conference and will have a panel with Elizabeth Peredo from Bolivia and Susan Taylor.

It was a great opportunity to inform not only the community in this state of Nuevo León but also some others states in México, that we'll be joining this complementary economy care campaign and unifying it to the compassionate campaign.

 We also talked about the new wealth economics indicators, that could be included in the new government state plan for education, social development, health programs, and environmental projects And how could we measure the quality of life with this.

The interview flowed beautifully and we received some calls from the public wanting to be involved as volunteers in this campaign.

 I thank you, Ann and Sara, for helping me with this exercise and including me in this building caring economy movement.

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  • Cristina, it has been such a treat to get to know you a bit in the CAP program and to learn about the wonderful, powerful work you are doing.  It is a delight to hear that you are now weaving Caring Economy into your work on compassion and values-driven leadership - it is all part of a whole, isn't it?  Thank you for your inspiration and your leadership!

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