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On October 28, I was delighted to give a Caring Economy presentation at the Black Dot Underground in Seattle, WA. This was part of a day-long planning workshop for youth social business entrepreneurs in the region.

About 20 people attended, about half are members of Bellevue College’s Social Business Club, an organization that will host a second, more in-depth training in early March. The finale will be a full day of students presenting their social business ideas in a Shark Tank format, with access to mentors, at the Youth Rising Summit in March, 2018. There will be prizes for the best business ideas.

The sponsoring organization for all of these activities is Global Social Business Partnership, which is also in Bellevue. GSBP’s mission is to educate and support youth social business entrepreneurs, using an international model developed by Nobel Prize winning economist, Muhammad Yunus. The Summit is funded by the City of Bellevue.  

Black Dot Underground, a working space for black entrepreneurs and community members, hosted us for the day.

Thanks to the excellent resources provided by CPS, I easily put together a PPT, adding some slides targeted to the youth. I especially wanted to make these points:

  • youth/young adults are the future and must lead the new economic era
  • all ages have something to offer as power shifts from domination to partnering
  • Caring Economy and CPS are allies that can provide resources and inspiration to social business entrepreneurs

The REAL WEALTH exercise was the high point. Everyone was given a pencil and just three sticky notes.  As a professional trainer and speaker, I believe in interactive learning. This means people are invited to move around and talk. I also asked the young children to contribute their ideas. After everyone put their answers under the heading of each wealth category, (Material, Social or Natural), on a large white board, Naomi, age 8, read them aloud.

This was her mom’s idea, and I glad I quickly yielded the floor. Naomi only needed a bit of reading help and it was charming. More importantly, a little girl got to practice taking center stage.  

Before closing, I asked each participant what they would do differently because of what they learned about Caring Economy. In this very multicultural group, I was surprised that several answered, ‘be more inclusive’.  They responded positively to my challenge to work across generations in order to find solutions and build a healthy America.  

I hope to offer this information again at the Summit in March, 2018. Thank you Rianne and staff for this opportunity.

About Lee Mozena:

Lee is the founder and owner of Zena Consulting. Our motto is Communicate Better about Working for Good. Our clients site these benefits: 

  • messaging that aligns with new demographic groups  
  • confidence talking about and working with more diverse customers 
  • new partners, funders and media opportunities
  • inter-generational and cross-cultural engagement

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