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Dominator Problems and Partnership Solutions

 dear Learning Community & Cohorts - 

We were invited to share our Caring Economy Advocate projects here on the blog. I presented a lecture series for a philosophy class at a community college this fall :

I.  Patriarchy, Bonobos & the Sociology of Partnership Societies - 

What is the true opposite of patriarchy and how do we get there? An introduction to the partnership lens, and an in-depth look at Bonobos as a living example of partnership and our genetic possibilities for cultural transformation. We discuss dualism and the relationship of opposites in both dominator & partnership paradigms.  A look at the Cosmic/Human Timeline from the birth of the Milky Way to the present, in a quest to see how much has been forgotten in order to understand how we got here.

II. Gender Roles & Sexual Stereotypes:  The Iconography of Partnership vs. Dominator Cultures - 

A visual presentation of the iconography of dominator & partnership systems, celebrating the power to take life (classical times to the present) vs. celebrating the power to give life (Paleolithic & Neolithic art).  Addressing the “male gaze,” a product of dominator culture, and discussion of Laura Mulvey’s work Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.  What then is the female gaze? Archetypes that activate:  why are we afraid of Medusa and why is she so angry anyway? Did Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman escape the male gaze and why do we care?

III.  Whose Lives Matter?  Citizenship in the Polis Since Aristotle - 

Asking the question, whose lives matter in a dominator ideology?  Whose lives matter in a partnership paradigm?  We delve into Aristotle’s Politics / Book I, The Dred Scott Case of 1857, the Abolitionist, Suffragette & Civil Rights movements with a look at the criminalization and/or assassinations of our brightest Civil Rights leaders (read: Partnership Resistance Movement leaders).  We address the current Prison-Industrial Complex  and the Black Lives Matter movement, which like Standing Rock, uses a non-localized or distributive leadership model - a partnership solution to the targeting of individual leaders.

IV.  The Standing Rock Water Protectors & Indigenous Justice - 

Deepening the discussion on whose lives matter.  Citizens’ United vs. Water is Life - a divided Supreme Court granted personhood to corporations in the U.S. in 2010.  Why not water? The Nonhuman Rights Project asks, why not animals? A look at dominator language:  Environmental Terrorists or Water Protectors?  Black Identity Extremists or Civil Rights Activists?  A history of Standing Rock and the Fort Laramie Treaty. A look at the partnership culture of First Nation Peoples.

Other initiatives:

I am currently working on The Amazon Circus Project, to bring a fusion of circus and yoga to women & girls at risk.

Last spring, I wrote & directed Circus Bonobo and raised $1,000 for Sally Jewel Coxe’s Bonobo Conservation Initiative. 

Thank you Riane for your continued inspiration. Your work permeates my life. Thank you, Sara, for being an incredible facilitator and teacher, as well!  The C.E.A. is a living manifestation of partnership paradigm resistance at work. Thank you for connecting us. What an incredible group <3


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  • Hello Jen!

    Your syllabus is phenomenal!  I am doing a presentation here in Albuquerque "Paradigm Shift: an Introduction to the Work of Riane Eisler" on Monday, September 24.   I am looking for power-point visuals that go beyond resources geared specifically to the Caring Economy Campaign -- for example A visual presentation of the iconography of dominator & partnership systems, celebrating the power to take life (classical times to the present) vs. celebrating the power to give life (Paleolithic & Neolithic art).   I would give credit to you for their use.  

    I hope your class went well last fall and that you will have the opportunity to teach it again.   Also, Circus Bonobo AND The Amazon Circus Project both sound VERY powerful.  When I lived in Portland, Oregon, I was pleased to be part of "The Pan-Twilight Circus" a piece featuring life-sized puppets of near-to-extinct animal species.

    Do add me to your mailing list and keep me up to date with what you are doing!

    Liz Copeland

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