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Hi future mentors and caring economy friends!

I am just finishing the Elephant Cohort Spring 2017 and am looking forward to learning more and joining other training sessions. For my project, I did a simple pilot presentation of the slide deck “Time for Care” with 4 family/friends. Together, we had an insta-feedback session where they stopped me at any point to ask clarifying questions and  offer “gut” reactions to the material. That was fun & informative and really helped me find identify the areas where I need more study.

My primary focus - since I am involved in educational outreach, community organizing, social and environmental justice activism, and resistTrump actions - has been to explore all the venues where I can present the Caring Economy Campaign. I am booked into or exploring the following: 

  • OASIS  - senior education center, January presentation confirmed
  • JCC and HighDesert - community center and studio where I teach yoga. Can add sessions when I am ready.
  • Desert Oasis Teaching Gardens - where I teach regenerative ag to youth and adults. Inspired by fellow Elephant Sandy and her amazing session with her children, I want to add some sessions for youth. I might do a pilot session with our summer high school intern group.
  • Albuquerque Mayoral race, Oct election – I am very active with the campaign for our most progressive & publicly funded candidate. Two Elephant cohortees Sande and Lisa’s work is just right for this. They linked me with San Antonio’s mayor and their City of Compassion campaign. I’ll gather info and present it to Tim Keller. If he wins, then Caring Economy and compassion win too!
  • Grassroots group that is working to transform the county and state democratic party to shift towards progressive ideals. Our focus is on preparing for the 2018 midterm elections. We are investigating models of community change that support progressive platform integration. I chose the Michigan People’s Campaign. Have interview scheduled with one of their organizers.
  • Progressive Democrats of America, New Mexico chapter – will select a presentation time later this fall. CE aligns beautifully with PDA's 7 progressive pillars.

Also, Ann Annberg kindly provided me with contact info other CAP alumni in New Mexico. I will be following up with these folks so I can integrate my plans with their local on-going activities and connections.

Many thanks to Ann, Sara and of course Riane for their amazing scholarship, welcoming attitudes, and attention to detail for our training program.

May compassion and caring be our today and tomorrow.

Tags: new mexico
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  • Karen, I really enjoyed your presentation, thank you!

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