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Dear Partnership Learning Community,

I’m so delighted that leadership coach Todd Iarussi of Rhinomind Coaching invited me to join him on his podcast! We had an open and thought-provoking conversation about many facets of leadership, partnership, and personal empowerment, including:

- The importance of identifying and aligning with our core values

- Why it’s crucial to untangle some of the different currents of masculinity, femininity, and partnership—for men AND women

- Why I put the term "patriarchy" in quotes

- How we can move from systems of domination to systems of partnership (If you’re inspired to learn more about partnership models, please check out Riane Eisler’s book “The Power of Partnership: Seven Relationships That Will Change Your Life.” She inspired me, and much of this conversation.)

- How sex is actually a lot like leadership (yep--we went there!)

I’m still all revved up from the conversation—I think you might be, too! We'd love you to take a listen.

I'd love to hear your thoughts: did something resonate with you? Did I miss the mark? I think these are conversations worth having, and I'd love you to join in. 

Love + courage,

Calee Lucht

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  • Hi, Calee, I listened to the podcasts. I liked that you talked about the different levels of partnership and that you extended that to everyday interactions, like conversations in a Starbucks line. I also really like the talisman metaphor you use with coaching clients. . . that's fascinating and helpful!

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