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Grace is the word that comes to me

Ultimately, I have come away from the Power of Partnership course with a deeper compassion for humanity. With a new lens in which to understand intimate, workplace, national and spiritual relationships, I am much more able to perceive and navigate dominator relations - as I encounter them directly, or as I observe around me.

In concrete ways, I am using partnership dialogue with the group facilitation work I do in intimate relations. This program of work will continue to evolve as I more tightly integrate my meditation, arts therapy and Gestalt therapy and now, partnership frameworks.

In other concrete ways, and fashioned into fable and fairytale, I continue to trust my dreams and their source of wisdom. I write them into fables and fairytale. It is uncanny that they represent themselves as a shift from the dominator to partnership paradigm. Now that I know that framework, I am interested to see how my stories will write themselves. I will continue writing for now, and I foresee that my stories may become a volume of work that I can use in my group facilitation work and with work I have designed (and will embark on once I am settled into a geography that stops spinning - in other words, when I stop my gypsy travelling) for vulnerable groups ie prisoners, domestic abuse victims. 

Here is one of the fables - should you feel curious :) Grace, Abundance, Peace

I have always known that one day I will become active in some way in guiding the dying process and death back to its origins as a natural part of living. Back to partnership with life and away from conquering or dominating death. To bring grace back into dying, into life, so that dying and death, and indeed life, is a mutual partnership with gratitude and nature. I am not in the medical profession, so it is not from that angle that I will approach this work. I don't know what it looks like yet. I trust it will unfold in time. In the meantime, I recommend this book to you on this very thing. By the author Stephen Jenkinson, called "Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul". 

I wish everyone well on the Partnership journey.


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  • Rachael:  As with other of your writings during our time together in the "Power of Partnership" course, what you share here is powerful and moving!  To have "come away from the Power of Partnership course with a deeper compassion for humanity" is one of Sara's and my main goals of all participants in the course--thank you for expressing this. 

    It was a pleasure to work with you in the online course, and what you shared of your poetry and other writing added so much to our class discussion boards.  Thank you for sharing of your talents and self in this way!  I anticipate that through your writing, and as you continue to write stories and fables that incorporate Partnership framing, you will be furthering powerfully one of the four cornerstones of building a more peaceful and Partnership-oriented world--and those who read them will be the richer for it.

    We wish you all the best in your writing and facilitation work--and as you decide and "settle in," in whatever manner your future work develops.  May new stars dance in every dark night for you on your Partnership path (lovely story!)...Best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

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