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See Riane's latest Huffington Post/Politics blog post, co-authored with Natalie Cox, Coordinator of the Caring Economy Campaign.


"'s economy is driven by precisely those things GDP does not count. Economists tell us that developing and maintaining high-quality human capital is essential for success in this new technological era. And this is just what Social Wealth Economic Indicators or SWEIs measure.

The Caring Economy Campaign developed SWEIs based on research by economists and other experts working with us to determine what is needed for government and business to adopt more effective policies and investment allocations. SWEIs compare where the U.S. stands in two basic measures: 1) Human Capacity Indicators, measuring a nation's present human capital, and 2) Care Investment Indicators, measuring public and private investment in building and maintaining that human capital.

SWEIs show our nation is doing a terrible job in both these critical measures.

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