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Introduction - Deeanna Burleson

Hello everyone, I just completed the Conversation Leader training and very excited in taking what feels like a new state of liberation into many of my conversations.  I live in Western NC and also Washington, DC. My background is I am a wife, mother of two grown wonderful daughters, 4 beautiful and of course very bright grandchildren, a daughter of an elderly mother and a brother. As far as my career endeavors, I am a nurse since what feels like since birth.  I have worked in the military as an aero-medical evacuation nurse and staffer for the Joint Chief of Staff Surgeon, retired in 2010 after 26 years.  I have also worked in the civilian and VA sector in ICU, Emergency care, home care, administration, risk management.  In those years and during educational experiences I came up against economic issues related to care and just being able to do the job I was hired to do and that my patients deserved.  This only led and still does to frustration and concern for our healthcare system. A fragmented system that is not really a system.

As the Caring Economy model found its way to me I was just so excited that I resonated with something that had economics in it's phrase.  Now I know why during the two semesters of economics I took for my masters degree that I felt something was missing and I just could not get all of that supply and demand thing... I could think of some many variables that were not being considered.  Variables that pointed to the real status of well-being of individuals, families, communities and organizations.

So, yes, I now feel I have been liberated to a degree.  I have been able to successfully (I think) engage in a new conversation that for me has real meaning to the well-being of individuals, individuals that make up the real wealth of a nation. I am looking forward to supporting Riane's wonderful work along with exploring the work of others in emerging humanistic economic models.

Looking forward to interacting with this community.

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  • Welcome Deanna.  Looking forward to connecting on a project.  Will have to wait until May because of radio show, but I look forward until then.

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