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economy care investment value (1)

  • What do you value?I discovered the importance of being aware of my values while reflecting on why I couldn't meet the right partner. I didn't really understand the importance of knowing what matters to me before I got into a relationship. I had read many books, listened to lots of audiobooks and watched endless YouTube videos on relationship advice. Then one day I put pen to paper, dug deep, wrote down my values and this was a game changer.It became clear to me that who I was and what I stood up for ultimately defined my values. My top three values are Respect, Connection and kindness without those elements in my life I begin to wane as they truly give me ignition in my everyday life. Values are something that cannot be negotiated, in essence one could call them boundaries or even standards, though they are much deeper in my opinion. Values are based upon our character, beliefs and intentions, they are guidelines to making sure that we act with integrity meanwhile honouring ourself.Making investments that provide returnsWhen you know what your values are, investments are more lucrative and our choices become like stepping stones towards being who we truly are. The more we invest in what we value the more we flourish and have the means to help others. I consider the following investment categories when contemplating choices:Emotional investments - who do you hand your heart over to?Mental investments - what do you spend most of your time thinking about?Physical investments - how do you treat your body?Energetic investments - where does your energy go?Consider the returns in your life, are they contributing or draining? Is your emotional bank in deficit?All of the above essentially lead to making better economical choices whether that be on an individual level or on a corporate business level as values stem from nurturing the empath inside of us.
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