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poem (1)

  • Oh traumatized, lobotomized, 
    confused and vicious state;
    thou drug-induced, that flees-the-truth
    avoiders of our fate…

    America, America
    God hides Her face from Thee,
    and spurns your waste, and all your wars
    from toxic shore to seas.

    Oh don’t you fear
    your crimes of hate,
    backed up with endless toil;
    tear souls apart, and leave a wake
    of slag-filled, useless spoil?

    America, America
    where once your Light did shine,
    now darkness fills the minds of men,
    who spurn all things divine.

    Our schools are shams,
    our cities rot, our populace are dumb.
    We’ve lost our way, can’t find the path
    because our minds are numb…

    America, America
    Where did your greatness go?
    Did apathy, and self-conceit
    take everything we know?

    I pray for you, I pray for me
    to find some courage and
    take back our land, our grid, 
    and then restore our Freedom stand.

    America, America
    I pledge my heart to thee,
    I’ll fight the foe, in Capitol,
    bring back Democracy.

    Oh Beautiful, I love your parks,
    your fields, your lakes, your trees,
    your woods, your plains, your snow-capped peaks
    your flora, and your beasts…

    America, America
    I am made of your clay,
    I love you now, and always will
    throughout my life of days.

    We once were great, can be again;
    if we could learn to dare,
    and realize that we share the world
    who needs us now to care.

    America, America
    Your Angel calls us all…
    to be our best, our sovereign selves
    and rise above this squall. 


    Melissa Ellen Penn
    July 3, 2017

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