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Mom Power and Paid Leave

Thursday, April 6, 2017

In this new Moms Pump Here post, Valerie Young, JD., public policy analyst and Outreach Director for the Caring Economy Campaign, discusses the need for more caring economic policies that values the contributions of women and mothers.

What’s holding women back from achieving a status equal with men in every level of society?

“Our lack of a nationally guaranteed paid family leave program is a big clue. Our culture and our policies ignore the economic contribution of care… the US invests the least in early childhood education and care than other developed nations.”

Who picks up the slack?

“Usually women, doing unpaid care within families, or as direct care workers in nursing facilities, home health aides, or child care providers. They earn, on average, less than parking lot attendants, dog walkers, or golf caddies. Our history of gender-specific behavior means women spend more time on care than men. That care is either unpaid or poorly paid, leading to women’s fewer years of work, low numbers in board rooms and C suites, and a pay gap stuck at about 20% for years.”

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