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New Caring Economy Advocate: Dawn Fleming

My Caring Economy project was to incorporate some of the concepts from the Course into a book I am working on.  It is in outline stage currently.  The course has re-ignighted my enthusiasm for writing this book.  The theme is to connect the dots to show how materialism has eclipsed higher principles and values.  Here is a summary of some of the content.

In a democracy, power is to be vested in the divine right of the ruled.  Unfortunately, special Interests and money have usurped that power from the people and the result has been devastating on many levels.  Democracy assumes an informed and participatory populace.  Certainly in the United States, antiquated educational models intentionally produce an ignorant population that has been programed to be mass consumers and mindless workers.  Advances in the science of learning are ignored, subjects and issues that matter most are not taught at all.

Founding fathers were keenly aware of the difference between spirituality and religion.  Religion tends to impose its will on others in a rigid or pushy fashion, spirituality emphasis is on oneness and love of self, others and nature.  Globally, religious factions advance merciless policies often with political favor.  Spiritual concepts of love, peace, freedom and compassion are discounted as weak.

When it comes to health and wellness, Western Modern Medicine makes us sick.  Big Pharma controls the American Medical Association and money is the primary motive. Medical students are rarely taught nutrition or mind-body healing.  Doctors are hostile to healers who are not MDs. Few will collaborate with alternative or holistic medicine providers. 

Big Agriculture promotes genetically modified organisms, pesticides and herbicides which has resulted in depleted soil, plants with little to no phytonutrients and many damaging health side effects such as leaky gut.  GMOs not only impact the food chain, but the pervasive use of antibiotics has created Super Bugs that are antibiotic resistant.  In short, the entire process of harvesting and delivering food has focused on Profit, while the Earth is treated as an expendable resource for human exploitation.

An important topic that is not taught is money and finances.  Money is very often a taboo subject at home.  Parents cannot be expected to teach children things they do not know.  Conventional thought teaches the young to go to school (conform), get good grades (don't think!), to go to college, to get a Secure Job (which doesn't exist).  Often the emphasis is on career choices that earning the most income, rather than encouraging students to pursue careers that offer meaningful work.  American student loan debt is $1.45 trillion, without about 44 million borrowers. That sum is $620 billion more than US credit card debt.  A 2016 graduate averages $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from 2015.   This system creates a large population of Debt Slaves with limited choices and unfulfilled lives.

Financial ignorance also allows greed and corruption in many other areas of both private and public life.  Adults are urged to "listen to the experts" when it comes to money.  Few know financial advisors are not required to act as "fiduciaries".  It is perfectly legal for your financial advisor to recommend a product that pays a higher commission but is an inferior investment vehicle for you.  On June 9, 2017 that changed, but the new fiduciary rule doesn't require advisors to provide fiduciary level advice on all investments, only those pertaining to retirement accounts.  The Trump administration is reviewing the rule in an attempt to roll it back. 

An out of control war machine, deregulation of financial institutions and the unlimited printing of money out of thin air by the Federal Reserve Bank (it's NOT Federal, there are NO RESERVES and it's NOT a BANK) steals wealth & creates Debt Slaves II (taxpayers).  The result is re-concentration of wealth as all benefits flow to the top of the hierarchy. 

The dominator model plays a significant role in all aspects of our lives.  Working together we can create an integrated progressive, economic & social agenda with policies that no longer leave family, community, values & morality to regressives.

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