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Hello PLC community, I'm thrilled to be here with other people who are passionate about transforming the world! I have been immerse in Riane’s work for the past 2 years as part of my doctoral studies and her work, particularly the dominator-partnership continuum, has transformed my view of the world, myself, my family, and the possibilities that await us we moved toward a partnership model. I think I have read every article and book she’s written, enrolled in the Cultural Transformation course last fall, and I’m just finishing up the Caring Economy Community Advocate Certification. Riane is my hero…I mean SHEro!

The impact of dominator values on the US economic system, and specifically the devaluation of caregiving were the focus of my practicum conversation. I started the conversation off with the small group activity “What is Wealth” and had participants organize the sticky notes by themes. Not surprisingly “relationships” was the largest grouping, and “nature” was ranked 2nd (the 2 aspects that the SWEI's propose to include in measuring wealth). Using the Real Path the Prosperity Powerpoint as the content framework, we had a lively discussion about how those dominator economic values impact marriage and family dynamics, gender expectations, economic priorities, and beliefs and how we can value caregiving activities. I held the event in my group therapy room at my private therapy clinic in Salt Lake City, UT, and 7 people attended the event.

My plan for specific next steps includes holding small group Caring Economy discussions groups, similar to my practicum event, and leading a discussion specifically for my clinic team members. I also plan to contact the Utah Women & Leadership Project director and set up a meeting to share caring economy content and ask if they’d like to sponsor a presentation. Utah ranks last in the US in the percentage of women in key leadership positions and UWLP aims to support and encourage women to build confidence and seek leadership positions. It has become clear to me during my caring economy certification training that project is missing a key element – an initiate supporting and advocating of men taking on more direct caretaking and household management responsibilities. Low number of women in leadership is likely connected with Utah having the nation's largest average household size and the nation's highest birth rate. For women to step into more leadership positions, men will need to participate more in more direct caretaking.

As a social media influencer I have been actively creating memes, posting and retweeting Caring Economy and Riane Eisler content, and inviting others to participate in the Cultural Transformation and the Caring Economy trainings. As a media contributor and blogger, I am weaving the dominator-partnership lens into my content, as well as into my next book.

I was introduced to Riane Eisler’s work while researching and writing my PhD dissertation in Marriage & Family Therapy. I applied Cultural Transformation Theory to a practice model of family life called Partnership Model of Family Organization (PMFO) as a path to support the creative productivity in mothers, and to help all families move toward partnership relations. In the next few months I’ll be launching a website to teach the 8 tenets of the PMFO model and I intend to continue to expand the PMFO.

Also inspired by my dissertation study I created a website called as a way to celebrate and spread the diverse creative work of women. Any creative females are free to submit your work to be featured for free on the website and I will share your work with my 50K social media followers!…and creativity is defined in the broadest sense of the word.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you and to collaborating and creating a more caring economy and partnership relations! (My home on the web) (Promoting the creative work of women) (launching this summer)

Julie de Azevedo Hanks is a native Californian transplanted in Utah, a wife of 26 years, mother of 4 cool kids, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, performing songwriter, author, blogger, consultant, and private practice therapy clinic owner, community & church volunteer, sporadic exerciser, chocolate lover, movie lover, and an aspiring beach bum.

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  • Hi Julie,  I was very interested in what you've been doing up there in Utah, and what you anticipate doing in advocating for the development of a caring economic (and political!) system. 

    My impression from down here in Albuquerque is that Utah, generally speaking, is an extremely conservative state (not that conservatives can't be caring!) and may normally be devoted to an individualistic, "right to do my own thing" and "don't let big government intrude on us" mentality. Am I mistaken there? Who BUT "big government" (properly operating) can "rein in" capitalistic giant corporations and change the "bottom line" of the articles of incorporation from "monetary profit for the shareholders" to one of "serving the Earth community, including the natural order"?

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