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I loved the Power of Partnership course - many thanks to our wonderful facilitators, Susan Carter and Sara Saltee. You are so good at holding the space for exploration and transformation!

I've been exploring Riane's work since the 80s, when I read The Chalice and The Blade. I've done her Master Class, and the Caring Economy course as well - so this rounds out my work with the community.

I so appreciated the distinctions of the different kinds of partnership, and the idea of starting with Self first. It is so important, and something many of us don't do. I have found the practice of consistently partnering with myself very nurturing. It gives me a greater foundation to handle the difficult family issues and the stresses of building a coaching business.

I use the language of Partnership in working with my coaching clients, and am looking forward to having even more tools to help them express their whole, authentic selves in a way that they can be truly heard and understood - bringing the principles of Partnership into our communication.

For many women, it is difficult for us to speak up and speak out for ourselves because of Dominator cultural expectations - women should be soft spoken; nice girls don't toot their own horns; when a woman speaks strongly and powerfully, she's called a bitch, too aggressive or pushy, or argumentative; girls should be seen and not heard; etc. These stories have caused us to be shushed, silenced, devalued, shamed, and to understand that our voices don't matter. They have caused us to hold our VOICES back.

I love having the Dominator/Partnership structure to place these stories in. (I call them "voice stories.") Part of what we need to do to change our cultural stories, as Riane calls us to do, is to bring these old voice stories out into the open so we can recognize them, and stop feeding them.

In my work, I find that women hold these expectations of other women just as often as men. Whenever I give a talk or presentation about my work, I always ask everyone to stand up and pledge to support women speaking strongly and powerfully. It's usually a transcendent moment.

I'll be bringing the ideas of Partnership more into my presentations and my work with clients as my business grows. I'm looking forward to helping to make the Big Shift further into Partnership happen FASTER!

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  • Ariana:  It is wonderful to hear that you enjoyed the manner in which Sara and I co-facilitated our Power of Partnership course!  Thank you for your kind words--coming from someone who is already well versed in Partnership materials and has previously taken other Center for Partnership courses--they mean a great deal to us!

    I absolutely agree with your commitment to supporting others (and particularly women) to share their stories ("voice stories" as you mention), in order to help rewrite and reshape the stories and beliefs we hold--working to change them from the domination model to a more Partnership-oriented model and way of living in our world.  The fourth of the four cornerstones Riane mentions in her writings, and so very important in Partnership work.   

    I enjoyed our work together in the course!  I wish you all the best as you continue to grow your coaching practice, and continue to share about and deepen Partnership with yourself and others...Best, Susan  (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

    • Thank you, Susan! Looking forward to staying connected...

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