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New Partnership Practitioner: Barbara Rona

Yangsi Rinpoche, a Tibetan lama, recently urged: “Be gentle. The mind is so complex…Be gentle.” This pierced my heart – as did our Power of Partnership course, where we were skillfully helped to lean into every level of our lives with gentleness – not with harsh, short-sighted domination, but with kind, wise partnering.

I felt challenged to the max by our assignment to do a self-chosen activity each week designed to push us into wider and wider circles of caring outreach – and then (yikes!) write up our experience on the discussion board. I was amazed that, in the warm, encouraging atmosphere provided, I could actually do this. The thrill of new, meaningful growth!

I will go forward with all of my partnership work feeling confident (not just abstractly, but viscerally) that I belong, that I am part of a wide, deep community of individuals - with faces and vulnerable stories I know – who, like me, are dedicated to helping the world move toward gentle, wise partnering. Thank you! 

And, along with going forward – in gratitude and awe - with my daily partnership work with my husband/friend/passionate lover of 40 years and other beloved intimates, I will be going forward with my writing escapade – without a writing block! What a gift from our course!

The provisional title of my work is Attraction Revolution: Taking on the Advertisers Where They Target Us: Our Mind. A delicious, complex, paradigm-breaking book with enormous implications for our orchestrating a world based on kindness, rather than our allowing advertisers to lure us into one based on commercialism. 

But I was stuck, too often falling into a field of fog and low energy when I was writing. During our course, I was inspired to try new partnerings – for example, by “downloading” certain powerful archetypes (the Irish heroine Maud Gonne and, later, Green Tara) – much as a child might “download” Superman or Wonder Woman. Not actually a new idea for me, but in the can-do atmosphere of our class, a practice I took on with fresh determination. And mirabile dictu! now I’m storming into my writing each day – not by trying to improve on or figure out a disempowered version of myself embedded in a long-ago dysfunctional field, but by stepping into an empowered version of myself embedded in an ever-present super-functioning field. Hooray!

Next week – and often, I suspect – I’ll be driving 500 miles for a writing retreat with a dear, magnificent friend – and enjoying creative collaborating with others. Vive partnering!  

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  • Barbara:  Indeed, "Vive partnering"!  Thank you for sharing these very positive and growth-ful experiences that unfolded while you participated in our Power of Partnership course!   It is so nice to hear that you felt supported in ways that encouraged you to challenge yourself in partnership activities and exercises each week, and that the "can-do" atmosphere of the class boosted your confidence to "storm into" the writing of your book, too!  We wish you all the best in this, and other Partnership-oriented endeavors, as you continue on your Partnership journey. It was a pleasure to work with you and have you be a part of the Partnership community.  Best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

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