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The power of partnership has been a life changing and transforming course. This has been my first introduction to this community. I have a new language and am stepping into a new world. I really resonated with a sentence that was quoted in class from David Whyte – “If you are tired the answer may not be rest but wholeheartedness.” I knew as the sentence was being read that this is the truth for me. This course helped me become more wholehearted. Yeah!!! I appreciated the ability to go in-depth with the book content alongside a warm and loving on-line community of world-wide class participants. Supplemental readings made the book come alive in a brand new way. For example, I loved the article entitled The Inner Work of Partnership: Tools for Making the Personal Shift from Domination to Partnership published 2015 in THE INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF PARTNERSHIP STUDIES by Susan Carter and Sara Saltee, Volume 2, Issue 2 Fall Article 3. I keep this article front and center as I live my life. There are wonderful reminders and innovative suggestions for being my own best partner.

 For me personally the biggest epiphanies and transformation have come clear to me in the class on work – especially all the consequences of working in dominator systems compared to partnership. These understandings complemented by the suggested short supplemental reading by David Whyte resulted in radiant insights for me.This was the first time that I understood the tyranny of the term work life balance -- that work life balance is a false cultural choice and we are seduced into whipping ourselves with it. I have begun having an on-going conversation with myself among theses 3 parts of me - work, self. and relationships. My eyes have been opened where I was blind about how, in a dominator system, we are coerced into feeling we have to make a choice among these 3 and believe it is our choice and worse we use our inability to successfully negotiate what is a rigged, set up to fail choice, to feel inadequate.

This course has been perfect timing for me as I have launched my own health care consulting business Coherent Impact in Health Care. My tag line is from isolation to collaboration. I am taking what I have learned in this class to further support transformation in our health care system. My consulting business goal is to do my part to support health care so, in partnership, many hands make light work and enjoyable work rather than is now the case in so many traditional heath care systems. In the traditional health care systems,  many hands make more work and added aggravation due to working in silos where people are isolated from one another  in ‘teams’ who work alone together. I welcome hearing and learning from you all about your work in health care, any resources you have, and how we might support each other. I also welcome feedback on my website – the good, bad and the ugly. I am so, so grateful to be part of this community.



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  • Christine:   It is wonderful to have you share with this community that the online Power of Partner course was (in your words) "a life changing and transforming course," and that you had such a positive experience as a new member entering this community!  Of course, I am also very pleased to hear that the article that Sara Saltee and I co-authored, "The Inner Work of Partnership: Tools for Making the Personal Shift from Domination to Partnership" published 2015 in THE INTERDISCIPLINARY JOURNAL OF PARTNERSHIP STUDIES (Volume 2, Issue 2 Fall Article 3,,* spoke to you as it did.  It is exactly our hope that it will continue to serve as a tool to deepen Partnership, and that readers return to it over time.  Thank you for sharing that!

    It was a pleasure to have you in the course, and I wish you all the best as you embark on your new endeavor--your consulting business in health care.  May Partnership continue to inform your work and life, and help to improve the health system!  Best, Susan

    *  To download the article, click the “download” button at the top right of the page.  This will allow you to read the article on your screen, or print it to be able to write on, etc. 

  • I wish you great success in your Health Care work - and look forward to seeing your own articles as you discover how to implement the Partnership Principles.  IF there is one system in the USA that needs an overhaul - its the health system (I'm sorry, but I have trouble putting "care" with that phrase).  

    The Colorado Medical Society is tackling some interesting legislative issues - you might want to review them.  My best friend is the President of the The Boulder Chapter. 

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks so much for your reply.  Colorado is doing great work and has done so for many years. I consider Colorado a leader in the nation. I have already written articles in the partnership model and one has been written about me.  I have live links to them on my Website I used the terms collaboration and integrated teams.

      I too look forward to bringing all I have learned in the class to my work in health care to further enhance it as I launch my own business.

      I am excited to hear more about all the ways you and your best friend are bringing partnership to Healthcare in Colorado. Over the years I have worked with organizations participating in CMS projects.

      Many kind regards,


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