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Hi!  Just completed the Power of Partnership course with wonderful, expressive, heartfelt fellow participants!  Wow, what an experience!

As an aftermath, I would like to share how I’m going to use the material and the experience from the course in my life.  I am writing a book called Change Within.  The book is sharing about 19 blogs I’ve written about changing oneself within, with Treasure Hunts at the end of each to expand and deepen the topic.  Thinking I was almost complete, I realized that I wasn’t!  There are many “self-help” books out there with similar topics, and I would need to give my book an urgent context to entice readers to journey within.  (As above so below, as within so without, perception is projection.)   This led me to consider that we are at the 12th hour in needing to shift to even begin to deal with global issues, that no longer can any individual or even any nation solve these issues, like climate change, terrorism,  and global financial collapses to name a few.  We can no longer solve problems  with the same thinking that created them, as Einstein so aptly put it.

I began researching major thinkers for the past 70 years or so to detect fractals and major patterns of where we are going and what hope there might be if any for humanity.  I found in many places that we are at the end of the world as we have known it.  We are at a crisis point, like caterpillar turning to mush to butterfly, where we must quantumly shift our levels of consciousness to a completely different paradigm.  It’s been compared to going from two dimensional to three dimensional, or from three to four, a shift so huge that the mind can almost not comprehend.  One of the most important prisms through which to view global issues has been Riane’s Domination versus Partnership!  I am steeping myself in this to be able to include it in the book.

A glimmer of hope has been flickering that we are actually approaching a tipping point in the world for this shift in consciousness.   If 10% of the world population achieves this level of partnership thinking, it would be a tipping point for global thinking.  At first it was guessed we were at 5%, then 7%, and now there seems to be evidence that we might actually be approaching this 10%!  Several weeks ago we celebrated International Womens Week, where one billion of the seven billion world population participated in the Billion Womens March!  That’s more than 10%!  Like the Berlin Wall suddenly being torn down, maybe there’s hope. 

If you have any thoughts, please share with me!  (My email is jane@changewithin, if you prefer it.)

In the light,


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  • Jane:  It was great to have you in the Power of Partnership course, and to learn here that you hope to include information about Riane's Partnership/Domination model in your own writings!  As often happens, it seems the timing of your participation in our class was, well, very timely. :)  

    I agree that the class members were wonderful, expressive, and warm/open-hearted.  What a group to begin this new course!  I am glad you were able to join us and contribute as you did.

    We wish you all the best in your writing endeavor, Change Within, and your continued journey on the Partnership path...Best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

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