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Partnering with a competitive world

I have been collaborating all my life. I never cared for competitions. I dislike competitive games, competitive business practices and as I get wiser (we never get old), I dare to stand up and counter competitiveness in a peaceful way.

I counter it with my actions when I promote, support and live in partnerships rather than competition. I changed to rules of the game for myself and my loved ones. Literally, we took for example the Catan game Settlers and rewrote the rules so it is now a collaborative game.

But I also rewrite the rules in our community. As I ask organizations, individuals, businesses, agencies and schools to partner with my organization as well as each other, I realize that I am partnering with groups who actually compete as their primal existence and I am bringing them into a new paradigm, I have to be patient, yet firm, when I lay down the rules of the partnership. It has to be win-win. All parties must be happy and fully satisfied with the arrangement and the community and the ecosystem around us must be better off by having this work happening. Exchange is important. Fair and good. When we breath, we do not just take oxygen from the air. We also provide our 'waste' gases to the ecosystem, which uses it for food production. Everything is part of a circular service and exchange in the natural environment. It is our short sigthedness that labels nature competitive. It is not survival of the fittest that drives everything, but the service of the greater good and continuous exchange of energy, materials, supplies in essence, that enables everything to exists. There is only partnership in nature, even if one is a prey and the other is a predator. Together they serve their environment and each other.

Time to change the rules of the games we play with our children. Generosity and service are the basis for partnership.

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  • Szofia:  Thanks so much for your post here and the reminder that Partnership includes collaboration, and yet goes beyond mere collaboration--it is all about cycles of reciprocity, as you aptly express!  (The example of the process of breathing is a thought-provoking one.)

    It was a real pleasure having you as a member of and participant in our new Power of Partnership course.  We wish you all the best in your ongoing efforts to "change the rules" toward greater Partnership, and toward greater "generosity and service"!  Best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

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