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Partnership Living Portland group just launched!

Hi there PLC!

I just wanted to announce the formation of the Partnership Living Portland group on I have decided to put my organizing capacities into focusing on building partnership-oriented community. My goal is to help catalyze organizing for a partnership future by facilitating events and groups that are educational, empowering, and connecting. I would love to find others eventually who are interested in helping me co-facilitate this group. Anyone with ideas for organizing around partnership in the Portland area are welcome to add groups and events. I'm excited to start this group as it is helping me more fully express my passions and helping me to contribute and help others more.

Within the Partnership Living Portland group I have already scheduled my first events. I am planning to facilitate (if the interest is there), two Chalice and the Blade Reading and Discussion groups, both starting in early October. I organized one earlier this year that went well and I'm wanting to offer more of these groups to provide those who are interested a supportive and encouraging space to read a book that I feel is certainly one of the most important books I've ever read. These groups are just my first attempts at organizing through this new platform. I look forward to continuing to organize and continuing to meet and work with others that are similarly interested! One thing that I love so much about the concept of partnership is how intersectional it is. You can literally organize around any topic through a partnership lens and it would be relevant and helpful (if done skillfully) at moving our society in a partnership direction. The sky is the limit with the organizing potential of partnership-oriented groups.

Ok, well, I just wanted to announce this to all of you! I look forward to providing further announcements as I continue to explore and experiment with organizing towards a partnership future. If you have any comments, ideas, etc, please let me know! I wish you all well! Thank you for all that you do!




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  • Just throwing out the possibility of presenting at a Montessori for Social Justice conference together or on your own, in Portland in June, 2019. Proposals due in December, 2018. Do you have any interest?

    Sheryl Morris


  • Hi Travis,

    Thank you for your post and invite here! Did you see my email of Sept. 17? I don't monitor the PLC as closely anymore--be sure and respond to directly.



This reply was deleted.