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PoP takeaways

The strongest impression I got was just how fast change is happening, all over the world. Yes, the DC paradigm still appears strong, and it is, but it is the desperate thrashing of a dying organism, not willing to let go but no longer able to sustain the myths that underlie it. With each passing day the PR model is growing stronger and putting forth new shoots, different but complementary, bringing in flexibility and resilience by responding to the awakening thirst for more light and beauty in partnership with each other and with our Mother, the Earth.

Charles Eisenstein, in Sacred Economics, discusses the role money played in empowering and sustaining the old model,but which is failing us today because it is impossible to sustain infinite exponential growth in a finite world and because it is impossible to make the quantity of resource depletion we in the US assume as normal the model for the rest of the world, or, indeed, for ourselves, much longer. He describes how new ways of defining money, deciding who gives it legitimacy, how you get it, and what you can do with it, are emerging. I believe these insights can move the Caring Economy work forward, as well as giving us strong tools to build and implant PoP in our consciousness and conversations.

Another resource I discovered is Medium, a recent arrival on the scene of commentary catering to the written word and giving voice to the rising generation of new voices and energy that is moving onto the stage. There are many Millenial voices as well as women's voices, so it is a vibrant forum with much to discover. I met Michael Haupt there (he's a PoP 2 alum) and we are exploring ways of collaborating on new economic and money systems.

Look forward to hearing from you new found friends and wish you well in our conntinuing march into the brighter future we all know in our hearts is emerging.


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  • Bruce:  Thanks so much for sharing here.  I am glad that you plan to continue with Partnership work, as well as to continue with further readings and websites (and the sharing of them) with the Partnership community (and beyond).  It is also great to see the connections and collaborations that your participation in our Power of Partnership course helped to create! 

    I am glad that you were part of this online course community, and appreciate your contributions.  May all of these positive actions toward positive social change continue--and may you thrive on your Partnership path...Wishing you all the best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

  • Thanks for your words Bruce. So nicely stated. Glad you're here.

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