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This is likely an odd post; please forgive me if this is inappropriate to share this via the blog module; I don't see a general activity feed. 

I'm specifically hoping to connect with other CELP leaders who are interested in topics such as time banks, member-owned and worker-owned cooperatives, and the Gift Economy (part of the Caring Economy, of course). :)

I'm at a point with my work -- after going through a year of being in a crucible -- where I really need feedback and thoughts and feelings and opinions. The members who belong to this group are uniquely suited to offer a wide variety of perspectives and thus the kind of feedback I'm seeking. I am involved with different groups which may be attuned to one project or one aspect of the work but not the rest. I could be delusional at this point (I've been working on this diligently for six can explain more later), but I truly believe the foundation I've been building and developing is a fairly broad-scale manifestation of Riane's vision -- or it could be, with input at this critical stage from others who resonate. 

I'm trying to learn to create my own whiteboard videos to show how the different sites and tools and features are symbiotic and can be used by individuals, organizations, businesses, co-ops, etc. My hope is that you can get a feel for me and the work via the portal, and the portal's ABOUT page. If you resonate with any of what I share, please contact me here or via

Thank you in advance for reading. :)

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  • Dena,

    Have you connected with Scott Morris?

    He is a dynamo and your work is aligned. You are both CELP graduates.

    Have you see the film Money & Life?

    Riane and Scott are in this film among others

    I will respond more later--


    • Oh, yes -- Scott is the perfect connection. Thanks for the reminder, Ann! :)

      • Hi Dena,

        Thanks. We do have this set so that members can edit their Blog posts, so not sure why you are not seeing the editing icons in the upper right of the blog page.

This reply was deleted.