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As I mentioned in my previous blog post here in the Partnership Learning Community, Riane's work and this group of souls who are engaged followers and leaders of her work are so much in alignment with what I've created that I want to reach out once again to share more, in the hopes of connecting with others who resonate.

I created a video for the big picture...the umbrella entity under which I have created various projects, with more waiting in the wings...designed to give potential collaborators more insight and information. Even if you, yourself, are not necessarily interested or in a position to collaborate, perhaps you know of an individual or organization who is? Intention is key for me...aligning with others who share the core intentions of compassion, integrity, and keeping an awareness of our Interbeing in mind in all aspects of life, including our work. 

OUR GOOD™ is a Community Development Social Enterprise offering projects and initiatives created with the intention to:

        * Provide safe spaces in which to nurture respectful conversation and Community.
        * Share resources, information, news and ideas; offer practical solutions and support.
        * Foster grassroots creativity and innovation centered around Our Common Good.
        * Incubate co-ops and other expressions of a Caring Economy; grow “caregiverism.”
        * Cultivate hope, faith in Humanity, personal and collective empowerment.
        * Invite experiences of joy, harmony and awareness of our Interbeing. -- You can watch that video here (or click this link if it doesn't display within the blog post): 

I also created a video for Wishadoo -- the original puzzle piece, which is a social network community (much like Facebook) created 7 years ago, with community building tools such as a marketplace (like Ebay), a Wishlist (called a "craigslist of compassion"), private groups to cultivate trust, healing and ongoing discussion, and more. Many of Wishadoo!'s tools are currently on hold as I try to gather a Coalition for Good in order to raise funds to create jobs (preferrably women-owned cooperatives) to help me maintain all of the websites, create content, act as caregivers and informal caseworkers to those in need who find their way to Wishadoo (and there are MANY). I simply can't continue to do it all myself.  Click here if the video doesn't display below. 

Lastly, this video seeks to explain the Find Help|Find Good Directory



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