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Disrupting the Core Characteristics that Keep us in a Domination System:
a Collaborative Effort by Two Disruptors: Sande Hart and Lisa Berkley

Compassion, Care, and Partnership

With more than 400 Cities of Compassion in 52 countries and 1800 partners organized into 12 sectors, the Charter for Compassion International  has been building and hosting Cities and Communities of Compassion since 2008. Between the summer and fall of this year, the Women and Girls Sector will partner with the Center for Partnership Studies (CPS), Caring Economy, and the Compassion Games to pilot the establishment of three cities of Partnership and Compassion.


Revisioning Cities

We will look at three categories of Cities of Compassion—one that is thriving (Sacramento, CA, USA), one that is developing (Vancouver, B.C. Canada), and one that is curious about becoming a Compassionate City (Marina/Monterey County, CA, USA)—and partner with local CAP leaders to determine each city’s key challenges and successes. Looking through the lens of the Charter’s 12 Sectors and the Social Wealth Economic Indicators (SWEI) we will assess the level of Compassion, Partnership, and Care.

You can learn more about the Charter for Compassion here:

Coopetition Time! Game On!

Once the local organizations are familiar with the CPS-Charter Tool Kit, they will reach out to their communities for a 3-way coopetition (cooperating to compete) in the Compassion Games.

The Compassion Games, Survival of the Kindest, offers fun and creative ways to ignite and catalyze compassionate action in communities around the world. Compassion is the bridge that connects and unifies humanity.  

The Games are an engaging and dynamic opportunity to playfully participate in community building through unprecedented unified action, and in the spirit of challenging all involved to bring their very best for overall impact who can build a more compassionate world, and, in this coopetition, one that elevates the values of care and caregiving and is rooted in partnership and care. The ways to play are endless. However, for this project, we will be encouraging five primary ways to play:

Develop Measurement Index

What creative and pragmatic ideas can you come up with for assessing your community’s level of care and compassion?


From 2015 Social Wealth Economic Indicators Full Report p.15  

Convene Community Gatherings

Who can engage the most number of people to spread the ideas and actions of Compassion, Care, and Partnership?

Photo: City for Compassion Organizers convening to hear about our pilot project idea. 

Develop Creative Expressions

What are the most creative ideas and actions you are taking, and can take, that promote Care, Compassion, and Partnership?     

The Charter for Compassion hosts 1800 partners to engage in your community efforts.

Question and Create Challenges For Kids

What can you to write/create art/dance/music around “what is caregiving?”


Invite Gov’t Officials: Integrate Compassion, Care, & Partnership into Policy Ideas

How can care, compassion, and partnership be foundational to the policy and practice of governance? What does this look like in action? 

The Story

Report Your Story for points! This is where our players and teams share on the Compassion Games Report Map what you did, however big or small—from helping someone cross the street or listening to a friend or stranger in need to building a compassion school—and it gets recorded and tracked by your Team’s results to see who is the most compassionate city until proven otherwise.

What Do the Stories Reveal?

While the Report Map is how the projects are recorded and points tallied, it’s the “reflection” field where the real data is collected. In this place, people express what has unfolded for them during the process of the project, what surprised them, and what they learned about themselves and their community. Mere numbers cannot calculate how hearts and behaviours are transformed, but the stories gleaned from the reflections are what the Games are really about.


This project is a lot of fun and enables everyone to play in the spirit of creative tension. If you would like to participate with us, feel free to reach out!

Good News!

The entire CPS Advocates Community can play too! We will convene a special interactive CPS Advocates call to learn how to join the Women and Girls Team. It’s easy, fun, and a great way to engage. Everyone wins the Compassion Games.

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