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The Power of Partnership Reflections

The Power of Partnership course gave me a nice boost to continue the partnership way and caring economics work in my community. It so much more effective to do excercises and discuss the seven relationships every week with others instead of just reading the book by yourselfIt is always so interesting to hear different stories and insights from people that already know about Riane's workThe group gives me energy (as always).  

One of the highlights of this course for me was the realisationthat the relationship with one self is the base for all other relationships. If the relationship with oneself is not in a good place, it is hard to maintain healthy partnership relationships with other people and communitiesThe article 'The inner work of partnershiptools for making personal shift from domination to partnershipwritten by Susan Carter and Sara Salteethat we studied during the class, is a wonderful guide for partnering with oneself. I feel that I will be coming back to this tekst to help myself and others. 

What was also very effective were the activity points that were prepared for each class. E.g. some quotes from David Whyte were shared and discussed during the class as a preparation for ' Partnerships relations with work and workplaces'. The preparation for the class inspired me to build up the courage and talk to a colleaguethe project manager and my manager about the tense situation in our workplace. As a result the tension between different parties at work has reducedwe don't have to tiptoe around certain people and issues anymore and there is room for discussion for some long term improvements. 

During the course many interesting sources were shared by the people in the group. One of these is the 'Sacred Economicsby Charles EisensteinThe theory how the current usage of money has messed up the old gift 'economy' is fascinating. As I read this book, I feel that this theory together with Riane's new economic map and the SWEI will give me sufficient background information and the necessary tools that I need to be able engage people in discussion about caring economics and necessary cultural shift to partnership way. 

This was definitely one of my favourite courses that I have followed the last couple of years. I very much recommend it and the book 'Power for Partnership for everyone.

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  • Riikka:   Thanks for returning here to share some of learning highlights you enjoyed from our Power of Partnership class!  Naturally, I am very pleased that you found our article "The Inner Work of Partnership: Tools for Making the Personal Shift from Domination to Partnership" useful!  We do hope that you will return to it over time and continue to deepen skills in Partnership-oriented living! :)

    I am in full agreement that Partnership with self if so important, and the basis for maintaining "healthy relationships with people and communities" as you mention.  As many of us have found, it often sounds much simpler (in theory) than it is in practice in everyday life.

    I, too, enjoyed the resources and discussions shared in our course, with wonderful participants.  I am also very happy that the Power of Partnership course was one of your favorite courses over the past several years.  We are so glad that you could join us!  Keep up the good Partnership (and Caring Economy) work; we wish you well as you continue on your path...  Best, Susan (Power of Partnership course co-facilitator)

    • Thanks Susan!

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