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“Caring for children properly, and valuing the unpaid and paid work of those who undertake this vital job, will determine America’s future competitiveness, security, equality, and the wellbeing of its citizens.” – Anne-Marie Slaughter from ‘The Failure of the Phrase ‘Work-Life Balance”, The Atlantic online, December 16, 2015

In this month’s article “The Failure of the Phrase ‘Work-Life Balance”, Anne-Marie Slaughter asserts the urgent need for including the value of care in our economy.

The Caring Economy Starter Course, offered free to an extended network of economists, activists, and leaders around the nation, shows how we can make the case for care.

Join us on January 13 and learn:

  • What is a Caring Economy? 3 essential components
  • Why now is the time to create a more sustainable and humane economic system
  • How you can participate in the Caring Economy Campaign and make a difference in your community

The Caring Economy Starter Course connects the dots between care and prosperity. Join Riane Eisler online on January 13 at 11am Pacific – register today!


Recent Participants Say:

“Great presentation!”

“Very informative, yet not overwhelming”

“The atmosphere was friendly, transparent, original, and compassionate, and a very sound argument was made!”

The Caring Economy Starter Course
Wednesday, January 13, 2016
11:00am – noon PST

Read the Caring Economy Campaign blog post:
Democracy, the 1%, and a Caring Economy

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