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Blog Post –                        Apr/20/2015


Trial Run of my presentation series (one of three) “Introduction to Caring Economy.”

Presented to my Women’s International League of Peace and Freedom – Caring Economy Team.


My idea was to have a three part series based on part one, two and three of the provided PowerPoint to be given to interested groups throughout the area. This trial run was to check my program content if not my presentation skills out before setting up meetings with Community Action Board and WILPF to formally launch the presentation program series.


This was not an ideal presentation, because the group was small, only three, and would require a different set of presentation and interaction skills than those used for larger groups. It also was fragmented into intro/group activity, PowerPoint presentation, and follow up- review of documents provided for additional information because the computer was in a separate room. This required a stop, set up and restart of the program to present the different parts of the presentation. The last section was lost on the group giving feedback rather than engaging in discussion of materials I was trying to present.


I received constructive feedback about the information provided and am adjusting the program to better fit a presentation to large groups, that need to be introduced to the idea of a Caring Economy and to others that already know about it but want a better understanding of what a Caring Economy looks like as stand alone presentations as well as a two part series.


I was initially looking at splitting into three presentations to be offered to three groups, but after my presentation realized it only needed to be two, an introduction to the idea of a Caring Economy (part one and two), and a second presentation of what a Caring Economy looks like (part three.)

            I feel that my initial instinct of how to engage the audience first before the presentation will work well, and having the projector with some slides while working on this activity would keep the audience engaged and settled in to be ready for the Presentation. Also having the transition from segment to segment in the same location will help it work better.


            The presentation was a learning curve and I was comfortable with the group, though the informal setting provided the audience a chance to give a running dialog of the presentation rather than being a listening engaged group. This allowed me to test the materials for the presentation, but not how the presentation would play out to a real audience.




Pictures from Presentation

Audience for presentation holding up sample invitation.

Introductory activity before presentation


PowerPoint Presentation


My next steps will be:

1.)   To finalize the introduction presentation (Part 1 and 2) that will introduce people unfamiliar with the concept of a Caring Economy and the Dominator / Partnership paradigm and where their everyday words thoughts and actions fit on this continuum, even though they may think they know where they sit. The outcome would be to get people to become “Economically Correct” not just “politically Correct” in their everyday words, thoughts and actions so that they live closer to the Partnership end of the continuum.

2.)   Develop the second presentation (Part 3) that will introduce people with what a Caring Economy would look like and how through their everyday actions and groups they belong to can start moving their community toward the Partnership end of the continuum.

3.)   Continue to collect current documents to reflect what is happening now and add to presentation as needed.

4.)   Work on additional activities to engage the audience in the programs.

5.)   Set dates with WILPF and CAB to present the second presentation to these groups that already have their feet on the floor working toward SWEI’s. Then get feedback and tweak the presentation for future use.

6.)   Work with the local Grange and the lecture to develop a two-part presentation series to be given over a couple of months for both presentations. Then get feedback and tweak the presentations again.

7.)   Look at ways to promote the two-part series to organizations, the general public and political / local community leaders.


Lives in Santa Cruz CA

Is active in volunteering in areas that promote the ideas;

That nature has value and that everyone has value and belongs at the table.


Thomas John Batley

"Doing what you like is Freedom.
Liking what you do is Happiness."

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