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That's how many times I had to explain to Fiona Richardson, Minister for Women and the Prevention of Family Violence in the small state of Victoria, Australia that there was no strategy and no legislation for gender equality.

She didn't believe me at first. And how could I blame her?

After so many years of political advocacy by women for women, it is unthinkable that we wouldn't have a plan.

But it certainly explained why Australia has dropped from 14 to 46 on the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap Index. We're now behind all of the Nordic countries and many of our Asian neighbours. The United States is ranked at 45.

The leading nations on the Global Gender Gap Index - like Iceland who sits at number one - have plans and strategies for gender equality.

Between 2015-2016, the Minister and I set about removing this roadblock to progress in Victoria.

We hosted a series of state-wide consultations with the community,opened up a public submission process and examined best practice around the world. In November 2016, the Minister introduced Victoria's first Gender Equality Strategy.

Safe and Strong contains a number of foundation reforms, including the Victorian Government's commitment to focus on addressing the economic dimensions of gender inequality. 

Developing a model for valuing unpaid work and care and its impact on the Victorian economy is one of the reforms. A modest budget has been allocated to focus on this project. 

Other projects include the introduction of gender responsive budgeting and business cases for onsite childcare and flexible hours within Victorian workplaces. 

I came across the Center for Partnership Studies and the Caring Economy Campaign while researching how to implement our reforms. I wanted to immerse myself in theory on the caring economy, before putting pen to paper about how to implement a model in Victoria. The Caring Economy Advocates has been perfect think and development time. 

The model I used for my project - educate, gather support and implement - is now being applied to how to shape our reform agenda and spend our modest budget.

I'm hoping Riane and her team will be able to work with our Treasury officials and progressive economic think-tanks to adapt the social wealth economic indicators into a Victorian context.

The pathway towards gender equality will continue to hit a roadblock unless women take a seat at the economic table and insist on reshaping of the value of caring labour.

As a member of the Australian Labor Party and National Co-Convenor of EMILY's List Australia, I'm politically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually committed to this journey, I follow my instinct and accept with surprise the joy that comes from investing my time on a caring economy.

It's a Labor of Love.

I do it with Head, Heart and Hands.

It's so nice to have been in a space with others on a similar path.

Much love


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