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Dear all,

Three observations from this past week, and planting the seed for a weekly podcast with PoP Practitioners.

  • It occurred to me that many of the course attendees are "light workers" in their own way - you have your own practice or message that you're bringing to the world.
  • If you're anything like the clients I work with, you could do with more exposure.
  • If you know anything about new media influencers who broadcast their brilliance, podcasts are the modern version of talk shows. The difference is that it can be challenging getting past talk show gatekeepers to get on their show, whereas with podcasts you can build your own audience.

I'm considering starting a weekly podcast series, using a combination of iTunesBlab and Stitcher. Some of this is new to me, but I've run webinar series for clients a number of times, so the tech side is relatively easy for me. Content (i.e. awesome guests) is my single biggest need, and that's where you come in ;)

The benefit for you is that these broadcasts add to your credibility (by "borrowing" influence from other guests) and they extend the number of people you can reach beyond your website (many people prefer audio or video to reading, since they can consume your content while on the move).


  • Are you currently doing any form of audio or video broadcasting?
  • Would you be interested in a guest appearance (20-30 minutes on your specific area of interest, but under a Partnership Way umbrella (without any form of endorsement by The Center for Partnership Studies)?
  • Would you be interested in co-hosting (about a 4-hour commitment per week)?

Please let me know by commenting here, or if you prefer email: Depending on the level of interest shown we may or may not go ahead ;)

All the best,


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  • Thanks for all the interest everyone!

    Since posting the idea a very big development has rolled into my life, so it's unlikely I'll be able to commit to this right now :( 

    I hope to relook at the idea in 3-4 months, but happy to help with tech guidance if anyone else wants to run with getting a podcast going before then. A pretty good place to start is


    • I wish you all the best Michael...all the best!
  • Hi, Michael - 

    Wendy Foxworth here.  I would love to consider co-hosting  with you. I have time for a virtual chat (I use - happy to ask you to join me for a meeting) or just on the phone.  Happy to answer your questions and see what the possibilities are.  Please check me out and my place of service in the world at  Best times for calls for me this week are Tuesday PM between 1 and 5 pm Mountain time (I live in Albuquerque, NM) or Friday, between 1 and 5 pm.  Next week most any afternoon in the same time slot.  Look forward to talking with you and exploring your idea.   Wendy 

  • Hi, Michael,

    I would love to participate.

    I have practiced family medicine in partnership with my patients for 35 years.  They raised me up from a "Baby Doc" as I have walked along side them on their life's journey.  We have navigated through many of life's curveballs and blessings. and I have witnessed the power of resilience, gratitude, and loving kindness as they become extraordinary human beings and ultimately prepare with open eyes for their ultimate "disappearance" into ancestry.

    Last year we began a compilation of stories to be published as " The Medicine of the Heart" ™.  

    I would welcome an opportunity to record some of these with your help.

    Blessings, Dwana Bush 

  • I appreciate you putting it forward to the Partnership Learning Community here on this blog, Michael!  I hope that there is some interest, and new Partnership connections can be made...

  • I attended advanced media workshop with Diana Mason and Barb Glickstein. I am considering an opportunity to produce something radio and wellbeing. I like the idea!:)
    • Johanna, one of the main focus of my work is around creating cultures and lives of well-being.  Would love to talk more about the mention of wellbeing above.  I am in DC but trying to see how my schedule is going to shake out.  Will be in touch later today or in the morning to see if we can arrange a time to meet. 

      • Sounds good. 202.497.8348. I have a lunch meeting but should be free to chat after 1p

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