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Let's Get Riane on 60 Minutes! :)

I’d like to suggest that we all band together to help get more coverage for Riane’s work.  I am thinking of this because twice recently I heard Riane mention this.  She mentioned it in her talk at Cooper Union in NYC on Oct 17 and as well during the online discussion for the 30th anniversary of the Chalice and the Blade.    How can we get her ideas which are so relevant to so much of what is happening in the world front and center?   We know that it would generate a lot of discussion – maybe even controversy – which the media loves!!

1.       Is there someone in our group who has connections with any of the media outlets? 

  • ·         Can we find out who is in charge of programming guests on, for instance CBS News, 60 minutes or any other program/network that is widely viewed? 
  • ·         With the above information in hand, we can send letters/emails to that person suggesting that they feature Riane’s work.  (This was mentioned in the Chalice and Blade Anniversary discussion, btw – a letter writing campaign promoting Riane as a guest who can speak to the current situation through a unique lens.  )  One letter may not make an impact, but if a sizeable number of letters are received it could make it happen. 

2.       Another thought that I had is what a great documentary could come out of  Riane’s work.   It could even be the foundation for an historical fiction series (think Jean Auel?)  Stories, as we know are an effective way to get information disseminated and this medium often reaches more people than print media – or perhaps a different population.  

  • ·         Are there any filmmakers out there?  Or perhaps you know someone who is a filmmaker?
  • ·         Other ideas?


Well, I just thought I’d throw this idea out there  - it seems that there are quite a few of us who are proponents of this work.  Hope to hear some discussion on this – and I also hope to generate some action!  

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  • I think Riane Could get lots of coverage by simply offering to debate Jordan Peterson. She could publish a challenge on Huffington Post, Youtube or other place where it would be seen. She could also email him directly to arrange a debate. He is getting lots of coverage now and a debate between these two might get her views and philosophy out to the people who most need to hear the alternative she offers.-Ailsa
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