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Sign Petition to Reverse Climate Change.

I will present this petition to heads of state before they attend the UN-sponsored climate summit (COP21) in Paris, November 30-December 11, 2015. In it I include the following quote from Riane Eisler's UN speech on climate change and dominator/partnership structures:

"Systems scientist Riane Eisler finds 'that our global challenges – not only global warming and other environmental disasters, but much of the suffering, hunger, poverty, violence that afflicts our world – are all symptoms of an underlying dysfunction; the melting of the ice caps and the meltdown of our financial system signal that we are reaching the end of the present paradigm; we have to go much deeper to understand that these are not disconnected but rather symptoms of . . . a Domination system. We need a major cultural shift to the beliefs and institutions characteristic of a Partnership system.'"

Sign Petition to Reverse Climate Change

Help spread the word!

Thank you!

Peace, Lynette


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