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Scrum: Partnership in Manufacturing

Joe Justice has been applying the scrum software development technique to manufacturing with some amazing results. Industries include automotive, aerospace, wineries, and consumer products. The technique is based on breaking down management and departmental silos within companies and organizing around small teams of people who have the skills to build the product. The result is an agile team that quickly builds what the customer wants; in other words, partnership replacing top-down hierarchy. Forbes and the Harvard Business Review report that workplace happiness helps productivity.

Joe pointed me toward eduScrum, which I have used to teach this year's Computer Science class in Embedded Systems. The class is too small for statistically meaningful results, but all students are performing well, learning the material, having way too much fun, and surprising me with their creativity. I've mostly stopped giving lectures; I outline what I want them to learn and let them use the techniques that work best for them. Results look better than last year's class, which I taught more traditionally. Last year I couldn't get much discussion out of the class; this year the class is mostly student-led discussion.

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  • HOW TIMELY - I'm just about to enter into a relationship with an exciting new start-up - and this will rate a deep look into the ideas as we build our team, Thanks Joe!
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