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Terminology question

Riane's work has generated so much excellent content that I admit I sometimes have a hard time finding something I'm seeking, so I apologize if there is a basic terminology list that has been shared or is available somewhere that I have missed.

This may seem trivial, but I want to flesh out what caregiving and caregiver means, versus "caretaker" for example, and how to expand that definition.

Has this been done already within the context of the CEC? It is such a basic, foundational question, and I simply don't recall if within the various slides and content and books this definition has been explored beyond the standard dictionary definition.

(I do plan to fully dive into all content and websites over the weekend to refamiliarize myself with the available tools, as well as find any new content and links available to facilitate conversations.)

I want to begin an online dialogue I've initiated with defining caregiving and caregivers. I'm working on creating definitions but thought I'd ask if something already exists. 

Thanks. :)

Edit to add, this is what I came up with:


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  • Hi Dena, Interesting idea to have a terminology list. We've talked about creating something like this for CEC but have yet to do it. Can you share with us your research findings and I'll share what we come up with on our end. Thanks!
    • Hi, Natalie :)

      I really didn't find anything beyond the traditional dictionary definitions, though I didn't do an exhaustive search either. The graphic embedded in my post above shows one dictionary definition for care, and with that I created my own definition of caregiver, expanding upon traditional definitions which are too limiting, imho.

      I created a FB page devoted to "caregiverism" and it's via that venue I hope to expand upon the concept of caregiverism, including as it pertains to a Caring Economy.

      Interestingly, right after I created it, an acquaintance who is the founder of, invited me to write an article about caregiverism for their Transformation Series. When I do that, I will certainly mention Riane's work as the inspiration, with links to the CEC site.

      ( )

      As I mentioned to Ann in a recent interaction, I'll be working hard this month to streamline my projects and efforts -- all of which are in alignment with the CEC, which I fully intend to support as best I can. I simply need to get organized so that I can be efficient and reliable...and remain sane. ;)

      Sorry I can't help regarding definitions though. :(
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