Cherri Jacobs Pruitt

Lafayette, CO

Tell the Partnership Learning Community a little bit about yourself - what are your interests? What community activities or organizations are you involved in? I live in Lafayette, Colorado with my husband of 30 years, our dog, Ella, and kitty, Neko (as well as my daughter and her fiancé in our backyard apartment, and my granddaughter who we have most weekends). I first became interested in Riane's work after hearing her on an NPR interview shortly after The Real Wealth of Nations was published. Within a couple years after hearing that interview, and reading The Real Wealth of Nations several times, I became a Caring Economy Leader. I then immersed myself pretty heavily into trying to start my own business dedicated to helping individuals, organizations and communities create successful transformation towards partnership - all while holding down a fairly demanding full-time job, helping nurture my son's family through some intense addiction/trauma-related challenges, and trying to nurture myself through some new musical endeavors. It was obvious I was juggling way too much which led me to prioritize the nurturing of myself to the top of the list. And, voila! almost magically, life became much more simple. My partnership work is now a component of my day job, I have learned how to create and maintain appropriate boundaries with my son's families which, of course, has helped at least my granddaughter and son to be happier, and my music is thriving. The current activities I am involved in through my day job (I work for the federal Department of Health and Human Services in Region VIII, located in Denver, and serving the six states of Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming) that relate directly to Riane's work is 1) helping bring the transforming healthcare book to nursing programs/schools/associations to the 6 states I work with through my job; 2) working with my community on a community engagement project that I am hoping will be firmly grounded in a cultural transformation to partnership; 3) another community engagement project focusing on maternal and child health with an American Indian Tribal Chairman's Health Board, which again, I am hoping will be grounded in the partnership model, and 4) sharing the Caring and Connect Parenting Guide that the CPS' Spiritual Alliance to End Intimate Violence (SAIV) has created with many of the federal partners I work with to share with their grantees. I am so grateful to be able to incorporate Riane's work in my current job and so appreciative that my life is so full and joyful!!!

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