Dwana Bush

Roswell, GA

Tell the Partnership Learning Community a little bit about yourself - what are your interests? What community activities or organizations are you involved in? As a family physician for 32 years in Atlanta, Georgia, my patients have taught me that " Health is soundness of body, mind and spirit that satisfies you and allows you to make a meaningful difference to others". In addition to my work in primary care and hospice and palliative care, I founded The Integrative Health Institute, an educational and research entity with a mission of " Measurably improving quality of life, productivity and prosperity for individuals and communities world-wide." I developed The Integrative Health Index™, a customizable graphic " snapshot" that illustrates an individual's strengths and challenges in well-being, illness and injury risk, satisfaction with work, life and relationships, and capacity to maintain a healthy relationship with self, others and their environment. For some time I have searched for non-blaming language to invite leaders in the healing professions into an exciting and productive conversation. My patients/friends/colleagues/"partners in crime" are contributing their stories of how we are " Bridging the Gaps in health care business as usual" as we begin a discussion of what is the health care that we all want over the next 30 years in my community. The pilot project is named " We Care For Each Other". I seek to collaborate with like-minded colleagues in the refinement of our Client and Community Centered Collaborative Model of service. The "new math of committed partnership": Illness - I + We = Wellness. Let's play ! Dwana Bush

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