Johanna Gaskins

Bristow, VA

Tell the Partnership Learning Community a little bit about yourself - what are your interests? What community activities or organizations are you involved in? I have been a nurse clinician and nurse leader for almost 20 years. I am in my final semester of the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree focusing on Integrative Health and Healing at the University of Minnesota. I live in Virginia. I love my husband and family and enjoy domestic/international travel and foods. I love people who do not look or think as I do; I find a greater perspective in these connections. I am an observer and do gain a great deal of insight from watching people and patterns of behavior. I enjoy natural healing practices: energy therapies, essential oil therapy, food as medicine/Ayurvedic principles. I believe in the necessity for self-care and stress reduction practices. I believe there will be a revolution against the American ideals of dictating outcomes based on created notions of inferiority and superiority. I want to understand dominance and the minds of those who are plagued with this need for dominance. I am mostly in professional environments however, I feel my calling is with vulnerable populations weather those individuals be rich or poor.

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