Riikka Helle


Tell the Partnership Learning Community a little bit about yourself - what are your interests? What community activities or organizations are you involved in? I'm currently working as a business analyst in an organization for home nursing. The organization is in a middle of a change to a more partnership like organization. The current hierarchical structure will be replaced by several self-steering teams of nurses (8-15 nurses per team). Change is challenging but all in all the nurses feel better in their job as they now have more responsibility and they can decide over their routes, shifts and vacation. Outside of work I’m active in a few projects around bringing the nature to the city. E.g. I’m volunteering in a community project where we grow vegetable is containers in the old harbor area of Ghent. The purpose is to show people, that growing food in the city is perfectly possible. We also hold workshops for adults and children (to learn city children where food comes from). In the spring 2015 I organised a Caring Economy live gathering in Europe (France). We got together with 6 fantastic women from different countries, ages and backgrounds for a long weekend. I try to spread the word of our hidden history and the caring economy as much as I can, I bring it up whenever I have the chance.

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