Serena Glover

Redmond, WA

Tell the Partnership Learning Community a little bit about yourself - what are your interests? What community activities or organizations are you involved in? I have been in the software industry for over 35 years and am currently and angel investor and board member to various mobile and internet startups in Seattle, San Fran and San Diego. I have also served on the nonprofit Women's Funding Alliance board in Seattle. I grew up on a farm in Michigan, have lived in Italy and Japan, and settled in Seattle in 1991. I and am an avid organic gardener and live on 5 acres with my husband, two daughters, ages 17 and 12, and an ever expanding pack of rescue dogs. I first heard Riane speak at Microsoft back in the mid '90s and was blown away by her work. My background is in methodologies to describe and redesign large scale, real-time, fail-fail safe software systems such as the interbank financial transfer system, the air traffic control system, missile guidance systems, and automotive factory floor automation systems. So I am always looking for the over-arching framework to understand how all the pieces fit together. I was struggling at the time to understand why so many things in the world were such a mess, and when I heard Riane describe the domination vs partnership model I knew this was the fundamental key (the "first order bit" we call it in the tech world) to understanding where we are as humanity and how we can drive change. After reading all her books I gave piles of them away to others, and convinced my book clubs to read Chalice & Blade (they are predominately fiction clubs). In Nov 2009, I participated in the Real Wealth Presenters Workshop hosted by Alene Moris and Riane in Seattle. This past year I attended one of the online seminars on the Caring Economy to see how the materials from that early workshop on the caring economy have evolved. Over the years I have been working these materials into various lecture opportunities in my tech and social communities, and in a social entrepreneurship class at my kids high school. I look forward to seeing how her entire body of work is synthesized into a set of educational materials.

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